How to keep your dog hydrated - Tips to get your pet to drink

How to keep your dog hydrated - Tips to get your pet to drink

As much as our doggos love soaking up the sunshine, we need to be mindful of our pet’s hydration, especially as the summer season draws near. A general principle to keep in mind is your dog should drink 1 ounce of water for each pound of their body weight, even more for those scorching hot days. However, your dogs may not always know what's best for them, and as dog owners, we should encourage them to stay hydrated. If you’re finding your pup is stubborn about their water intake, here are some ways to make sure their hydration needs are met.  


Provide more water bowls 

Let’s face it, when the weather gets too hot, we get a bit lazy. Our dogs would feel the same after a walk or play session in the sun and would probably be too tired to walk to their designated water station. Place a few bowls of water around the house to create more opportunities for them to drink more or be sneaky and put them in their favourite resting spots for easy accessibility during these tiresome moments.  


Looking for more bowls? Take a look at our Charlies’ water bowls. 



Keep water on you when you’re out and about. 

We love to take our pets everywhere at any opportunity we get. While you’re on the go, make sure to always have water for your dog to have access for drinking. If you’re on a long car ride, make a few stops to give your dog a water break. If you're out exploring new parks and hiking areas, take time for you and your dog to take a break and hydrate. Keep the fun going by keeping your dog refreshed. 


Make drinking on the go easier with a water dispenser.



Add water to your dog’s food. 

If your pet doesn’t have the urge to drink, it most likely will have worked up an appetite instead. We all know their weakness towards food and what better way to get them to stay hydrated than through an additional treat. Add water to your dog’s diet, whether it may be switching to wet food or mixing it into their dry food, just for a boost of H2O to keep them hydrated during the hot seasons.  


Doggy Popsicles 

On the note of treats, who doesn’t love a nice cold popsicle on a summery day? Our pets love anything stimulating, so keep them busy and refreshed at the same time with ice cubes. Get creative by adding fruit, peanut butter or vegetables to mix, and for an extra treat, freeze up some low sodium chicken broth to make them more enticing. 




Offer water from your hands 

If you're having trouble getting your dog to drink from their water bowl, why not give it to them from the they love the most - you! There is nothing your dog trusts more than their favourite human - so make hydrating a personal experience to help get your dog refreshed during the hot weather seasons. \


It’s our responsibility as owners to keep our pets healthy so we can enjoy every moment with them. Don’t let dehydration get in the way of having fun in the sun with your puppers. 



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