How to get your cat to hydrate

How to get your cat to hydrate

We all know how stubborn our kitties are, so getting them to do something is a tall to ask. This is definitely the case when it comes down to keeping them hydrated. Cats aren't particularly keen to take a sip from their water bowl on their own, so you have to get creative in the ways you increase your cat’s water intake. 


How to know if your cats are dehydrated. 

The thing about cats is that their feline descent evolved from desert climates, making up their innate low thirst drive. Also, because of their near-sightedness, it makes it hard for cats to make out what is in the actual bowl itself.  


If you notice your cat is ignoring their water bowl, it may become dehydrated. Signs to look out for include: 

  • Dry gums  
  • Lethargy or depression  
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Decrease in skin elasticity- by pinching on the skin between your cat’s shoulders, if it stays upright (called ‘skin tenting’), your cat may be dehydrated.  
  • Elevated heart rate  

If you take notice of these indication, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible for treatment. 


How to get your cat to hydrate. 

Here are some tips to getting your cats get their water levels up: 


Always have fresh water available - as the water is left untouched, dust and other particles collect on the surface and at the bottom of the bowl, making them less inclined to drink from it. Cleaning the bowl regularly and filling it up with fresh cool water will help with that. 


Introduce water in fun ways - Cats are curious by nature, so through presenting water in unconventional ways will help appeal to their senses, making them more excited and willing to drink water. You can try a water fountain, placing their water in different locations and in different bowl and containers.  




Elevated bowls can help engage your cat 


Wet/canned foods in their diet - Drinking water is not the only way to keep your cats hydrated. Implementing wet foods, either from canned foods or broths, will help boost their water intake they may be lacking from drinking. q 


Like all animals, it’s important for our feline overlords to stay hydrated, especially when the weather starts to heat up. These are just a few options to help you understand how to keep your furry felines hydrated. Ask your veterinarian for more advice in regards to your cat’s health.  

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