Getting a pet during lockdown? Read this first!

Getting a pet during lockdown? Read this first!

You might be thinking, wouldn’t a pet be great to have during lockdown? The social loneliness this pandemic has instilled in our lives may leave you missing the presence of others and a nice furry companion would be a great addition to your household to help you through it. The search for pets has increased rapidly, with animal shelters and pounds seeing a spike in adoptions during this time. But as we look forward to where life returns to normality, will there be space for your four-legged friend in your ‘real’ life? 



If you’re thinking about getting a dog.... 


Dog Calming Bed Snookie Hooded Pet Nest Bed Faux Fur Artic White Chinchilla
Train your dog to respect your boundaries by giving them their own bed: Charlie's Snookie Calming Dog Bed in Artic White Faux Fur


We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. Who doesn’t love a cute fur baby with unwavering loyalty to cuddle with every single night?  

With everyone staying home, dog owners will always have someone with them to occupy their day. You’re allowed to do outside was to walk your dog during lockdown, so our furry friends helped many people deal with the feeling of being imprisoned and isolated that comes from being confined to a household. And while everyone is working from home too, dogs would love all the extra love and attention they are getting during this time, being happy to see their favourite human more often. 

While all these are great points to owning a dog, it shouldn’t distract from the fact that dogs take a lot of effort to take care of. Grooming them, cleaning after them, playing with them, paying for their vet bills, and the list goes on!  


Dog Calming Bed Snookie Hooded Terracotta
Anxious dog? A calming bed with a hood can help reduce stress in high anxiety dogs: Charlie's Snookie Hooded Calming Dog Bed in Terracotta


Being in lockdown yourself means that your dogs can’t go out as much either. This decreased social interaction can also affect them, especially during the puppy stage where they begin to learn how to socialise with other people and their pups. Being one of the only people your dog may interact with, you may find them to be needy and clingy. So, when restrictions begin to ease, confronted with social situations may cause aggressive behaviours and separation anxiety as your new pupper discovers that you have a life outside of them.  So, before you decide, make sure you’re ready to put in time to teach your dog healthy attachment with routines.



If you’re thinking about getting a cat…. 

Calming Cat tent and dog Tipi- Mozaique
Stressed cat? Give your cat a safe place to chill out like a pet tent: Charlie's Pet Tipi - Mozaique


Our feline friends may not be the best snuggle buddies like our dogs, but still make great companions. They are quite the independent pet and very much like to have time to themselves. Cats are content with just being in the presence of their owner when they want to be, not being too needy as you work at home. You will often find them grooming themselves throughout the day, making them quite the low maintenance companion. But nothing tops the sounds of your cat’s purr while sitting on your lap, calming your day in these stressful times. 


Their independence however may drive you crazy during lockdown. Cats are used to their daily alone time as their owners go about their day away from home. With everyone now being at home, this routine is disturbed. Their limited time to have to themselves may create new stress and anxious behaviours for your kitties, especially if your household gets a bit noisy. You may find your cat hanging outside the house more often, as they may feel their space has been invaded, leaving you to feel abandoned in your time of need by your usually affectionate feline. 


Cat Calming Bed Faux Fur Fluffy Calming Pet Bed Nest Cream Chinchilla
Help calm your cat with a calming cat bed: Charlie's Faux Fur Fluffy Calming Pet Bed Nest Cream Chinchilla


To fix this anxious behaviour you should create a safe space or get a calming bed for the cat and help it to understand that while it is in that area, you will respect its boundaries – creating a healthier mindset for both you and your cat. 



Cats and dogs are for forever, not just now. 

Planning to get a dog or cat has always been a big decision. As much as you may love to spend your lockdown experiencing the joys of having a furry companion, take into consideration what life will be in the future. The national canine defence league made a very good point for everyone in this predicament, “a dog is for life, not just for lockdown”. 


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