An elevated dining experience

An elevated dining experience

Hi Hi Hi

Charlie here.

Now dinner time is my favourite time of the day. Well, it’s a tie with lunch and breakfast and walk and sleep and ball and tv snuggle. Charlie likes a lot of things. One thing Charlie does not like is some of the vessels I have been served food and drink in. Over the years I’ve had some Shockers. Here is a quick do’s and don'ts to keep your cat or dog happy during feeding time

Do’s Dont’s
  • Stainless steel bowl (easy to clean, hygienic and durable)
  • Eco Friendly materials
  • Raised (reduces risk of arthritis/ back problems, aids digestion and stops creepy crawlies from dining
  • Stylish to fit in with homes interiors
  • Ground bowl (unhygienic and bad for digestion and posture)
  • Plastic- Bad for the environment and health and palate of your pet.


In my “*unbiased opinion*” there is one product on the market that ticks all the Do’s and doesn’t even get close to touching one of the don'ts. Can you believe it? I Can’t.

Charlies Bamboo feeder with stainless steel bowls is the ideal dining table for your canine friend. You wouldn’t eat off the floor don’t make your pet do it.


***Don’t tell the kids but “Charlie” is actually a middle-aged woman sitting behind a computer in Western Sydney. Although she is a very nice lady, she is in no way an expert in eating from dog bowls (weirdly she has dined from one before..), nor can she read dogs minds. Therefore, the information provided is a petri dish of fact, speculation and fabrication. Having said that it’s a great product and you should definitely grab a few if you feel like it.***

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