Tips to help your dog sleep better

Tips to help your dog sleep better

We all know the limitless energy our dogs have, but despite how fun and adorable our furry best friends are, it can be frustrating when our energy levels don’t match up to theirs. Not only does this affect our much needed rest, but their’s as well. To ensure you and your pet have a peaceful night, here are some tips to help your pupper get a good night's sleep. 


Comfort is key

It may be tempting to bring your pets to bed with you, however it is important to have a designated space for them to help them recognise when it is time to go to bed. Making their sleeping environment as comfortable as it can be will help make it more inviting for your pooch to settle down. Nothing beats a calming bed to help your dog feel relaxed and add in a few pillows and blankets to make them feel extra safe and snug. For the hotter seasons, an elevated bed or cooling mat will help make those warmer days more comfortable. Try creating a peaceful ambience, with some soft soothing music or gentle white noise to help them wind down.  


Find the perfect calming bed for you dog



Stimulate to hibernate 

It’s common knowledge to take some time out of your day to spend some quality time with your pup, whether it may be taking them out for a walk after a day's work or a cheeky game with their favourite toys. Not only is this important for their physical health, but also use up all their energy for a night of interrupted sleep. Giving your dog something to chew and lick is a great way to stimulate their mind before bedtime, helping them relax in the comfort of their own bed. Generally, your dog needs around half an hour to 2 hours of activity a day, depending on their size with larger dogs needing more.


Brush your pooch before bed as a nice calm way to end the day. 


Follow a schedule 

Keeping your doggos on a consistent schedule will help them understand when it is time to go to bed. Try to do all your exercise and other activities during the day and set a specific time period to feed them. Avoid intense stimulative activities before bedtime, as this excited state may keep them up for longer than you want. A nice brush could do the trick in calming them down to doze off.  


Toilet time 

Part of your night-time routine should include taking your dog out to the toilet before heading off to bed. Not only will this prevent you from possibly waking up to an unfortunate surprise in the morning, but also keep them sleeping longer and not waking you in the middle of the night. If you can, install a doggy door to your backyard too allow them to independently go about their business. 


Rest is a very important part of our wellbeing, as well as our beloved pets. If you find that your tail wagging friend struggles to sleep through the night, it’s worth taking them to the vet just to rule out any underlying issues that may be the cause of it. 

Toilet time should be ecofriendly too!

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