How to reduce your dog’s carbon paw print

How to reduce your dog’s carbon paw print

We all try to do our best to do what's right for the environment, working towards being a sustainable society. But have you ever considered your pet’s environmental impact? As of 2021, 69% of Australian households have pets, 47% of this being dog owners (1). Being such a large part of society, it is important to recognise their contribution to the world’s carbon footprint - or in their case carbon pawprint. Curious as to ways to help reduce our floof’s carbon emissions? Here are some helpful tips you can try going green at home.


Changing your dog’s diet 

A large portion of your pet’s carbon pawprint is attributed to their diet. Being such hearty eaters, especially when it comes to meat, this increases the production of greenhouse emissions created through animal agriculture. Opting for other food products aside from beef, such as chicken, fish, or vegetarian/vegan alternatives is a great way to cut down your doggo’s carbon pawprint. Try and have a go at making your own food for your furry friends, providing your pet with a more varied and balanced diet, which may even reduce food that normally would be wasted. Make sure to do your own research as well as consult with your vet before attempting to change their diet, as it is important to understand your dog’s nutritional needs and ensure that you’re not introducing anything harmful into their diet to keep your dog healthy.

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Pick up poop with biodegradable bags 

It's common courtesy to pick up your dog's poop when you’re out and about as well as keeping your backyard clear. Using biodegradable poop bags are a great way to protect our ecosystems as well as reduce landfill waste, breaking down much quicker in comparison to normal plastic bags.  


DIY Playtime 

Playtime with your pups is super important, so why not make it sustainable! Get crafty and creative by making your own toys, repurposing any unused materials around the house. It’s not hard to create something unique to entertain your pets, and nothing beats a handmade item created with the love for our dogs. If crafting isn’t your strongest suite, look into second hand items and other green products for a circular approach to sustainability. 


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Keeping our pets safe and healthy is always a priority for us dog lovers. Following these simple steps in reducing our doggo’s carbon pawprint will not only benefit the overall health and wellbeing of our furry best friends but improve our planet’s environment. 



(1) Animal Medicines Australia (2021) Pets and the Pandemic 2021

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