How To Prepare for the Arrival of a New Kitten

How To Prepare for the Arrival of a New Kitten

Kittens are cute, adorable and playful balls of fun who’ll be climbing, scratching and jumping around your home in no time. 

Whether you’re about to welcome the first or second one into your home, there are certain preparations you’ll need to make to ensure your new kitty has everything she needs to grow happy and healthy. 

Also, as a kitten parent, you have a responsibility to ensure your home doesn’t pose potential dangers to the health and safety of your new pet. You should be ready with rules that’ll help guide the formation of proper kitten behaviour. 

So, if you’re thinking of adding a member to the family, here’s a guide on how to prepare for the arrival of a new kitten in your home. 


1. Look out for kitten hazards 

Go over your home and look out for kitten temptations, like loose electrical cables, wires and outlets that need to be taped securely to baseboards or tables and desks. 

Inspect your home for any openings or cracks that your new feline baby can easily slip into or gliders and rocking chairs that can seriously hurt your kitten. Also, check for any mice or insect traps you might have set up before, and dispose of those properly. Secure fragile, breakable items that an unruly kitten can easily bump into while exploring. 


2. Shop for kitten supplies 

If you already have adult cats at home, it’s highly likely you already have some cat supplies. If not, then make a list of items you’ll need to purchase for your kitty cat. 


Some basic kitten necessities include the following items: 


When it comes to your kitten’s diet, you’ll want to keep feeding her the same food she’s used to in her old home. However, if you’re going to change her diet, do so gradually to avoid digestive issues. 


Water and food bowls 

Choose dishes or bowls that are appropriate for your kitten. If you can, get her a water fountain as cats prefer running water. 

chockie_minkie_tonkinese getting really comfy in her Charlie’s corduroy sofa bed  


Bed or sleeping area 

Kittens are pretty low maintenance and can sleep just about anywhere. However, we find that our cats love the security of our cat calming beds or the open support of our cat sofa beds.  


Litter and litter box 

Your kitten will be using her litter box a lot, so get one that’s large enough for her but not so large that litter will be all over the place when she starts digging. 



Sometimes a simple ball of string will do, although you can always buy readymade toys for cats. Just make sure you buy toys that are safe and won’t pose choking hazards. 


Checkout Charlie’s range of Cat trees to find the purfect fit for your kitty.


Cat tree or Scratching post 

Most cats love to scratch, so getting a cat tree or scratching post ready would help ensure your furniture is spared from damage. 


Grooming supplies 

You don't need to wash your cat, but most cats love being brushed or combed.

The Charlie’s Pet Brush is the perfect grooming accessory.


3. Hold a family meeting 

Go over a couple of things with your family to ensure your home is ready for a sweet but mischievous new kitten. 

  • Which parts of the home will your kitten be allowed to access? 
  • Will the kitten be allowed to play or sleep on furniture? 
  • Where will your kitten sleep? 
  • Who will prepare her food and clean up after her? 
  • Who will clean and replace the cat litter? 
  • Who will groom and take her to vet appointments? 


Welcome Kitty 

Getting a new kitten can add joy and colour to your home. And just like dogs, kittens need your time, care and attention. They also need rules and structure to become well-behaved adult cats.  

So, before bringing your new kitten home, make the necessary preparations to ensure an easy transition for you and your pet. 


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