Feel-ine Fridays

Feel-ine Fridays

Use your words wisely….

Since as long as our ancestry can be traced, right back to the days where the wild jungle cat ruled the Earth perhaps, term “cat” has been used by (cave)men and women as defamatory in some contexts. If you’re unfamiliar with the negative association of the word, hats off to you but I will explain for the purpose of this piece.

Some humans think it amusing to use the word “Cat” as a substitute for someone being soft or lacking character. Mildly ironic. These people have obviously never encountered a cat before. Cats are strong and proud. We don't need the validation of a human to feel loved. Our love must be earned. Don‘t get me wrong, just because we show our love differently to say dogs, doesn't mean we don’t show it. If anything it makes it more special when given.

Just while I'm on the topic, dogs usually have it easier than us. But in this case, our canine friends have it just as bad if not worse. The words “dog” and “bitch” are thrown around in human human as insults. Some way to treat “man’s best friend”. I’m not even going to peek into things humans say about other humans.

My point is on this beautiful Friday morning, we are all lucky to be here. No matter what life form we are. No matter what breed or race, whether we are furry or bald, skinny or chubby, loud or quiet. We all have our own qualities which make us special and amazing. I am urging all inhabitants on this planet today to show some love, be more accepting of beings and be aware of what you are saying.

Have a great weekend and we will catch you next week.



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