Dog Lovers Festival Evokes Mixed Emotions

Dog Lovers Festival Evokes Mixed Emotions

Happy Friday Readers! 

The Dog Lovers Show opens today its door today in Melbourne for the 7th time. The show is nothing short of magical. It showcases the very best the Pet industry has to offer. Start the day off by watching some of our finest athletes compete in the inaugural K9 Ninja Challenge, treat yourself to some crisp Melbourne air whilst watching some true blue cattle herders go to work and cool off at the Black Hawk DockDogs Pool to see Australia’s best Doggy Paddlers do their thing. 

 If you fancy something a bit more, well fancy, then head to the Breed Showcase to see doggy-models and who doesn’t like getting there snap takes with some Insta-famous Pooches (Insta- Pooch Red Carpet). 

 As magnificent as the event is for humans spare a thought for the almost 1 million dogs in Victoria (not) behaving themselves at home whilst there humans are having what I assume to be the best time of their lives. Stay strong. Try not to think about them holding other younger, cuter puppies. Do not let your mind wonder to the thousand odd very sniffable dogs there. Does anyone really like social media stars anyway?... Okay I take that one back. I cannot stop watching videos pups who have “accidentally” torn up their beds and then give the most innocent puppy dog eyes to get away with it.  

If we are being honest with ourselves it would be absolute mayhem if thousands of us were to ascend on a Dog show together. I have been known to do backflips when my owner returns from a 30 second trip to the “toilet”. That room still confuses me.  

However not getting to attend doesn’t mean that you shouldn't benefit from the show. On the contrary. The show is filled with exhibitors showcasing the finest in bedding, playing, eating equipment and many, many other products designed to make our lives better and strengthen the relationship between us and our human. So make sure as they leave the house you get a little bit cute and whiney just to make sure they open their wallets.  

The best part of the show no doubt is the PETstock Assist Adoption Zone. To date The Dog Lovers Show has helped find over 2000+ Dogs find homes. We Dogs value our loving families so much and every Dog deserves that. Who knows, you may even gain a new brother or sister... 

The show will be running until Sunday before taking it’s talents to Sydney in August. Which means to my Dogs in Sydney, we have 3 months to work on our disguises.  

Have a fab weekend wherever you are! 

Yours Sincerely,  

Charlie Dogson 




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