Anxious dog? How to help calm down your pup when its stressed out.

Anxious dog? How to help calm down your pup when its stressed out.

Our dogs never fail to put a smile on our face. Their radiant affection and unwavering loyalty has helped us through the hardest days. But like us, our pups have their moments where they need our support and comfort. Dog anxiety is common across all breeds, affecting them situationally or even being developed into an occurring issue. 


Common causes of dog anxiety includes: 

  • Separation anxiety: when your dog is unable to feel comfortable being by themselves, causing them to exhibit behaviours such as destroying furniture, barking, or doing their “business” around the house, when they are alone. 
  • Fear-induced anxiety: different stimuli - loud noises, strangers, other dogs - which may bother your dog and leave them distressed. In some cases, this reaction may be temporary in these situations, but if this is an ongoing thing, it may be a more concerning issue. 
  • Age related anxiety: as dogs grow older, much like humans, may experience decreased cognitive function. As a result, they may feel more confused and agitated. 


A dog calming bed can help a lot.



What you can do to help your dog 

It is always best to consult with a veterinarian if you are worried about your dog's behaviour. They will be able to assess your pup and, if need be, come up with a treatment plan. But here are some simple tips you can do to help your floof feel more at ease at home. 


Physical and mental stimulation

Taking time out of your day to spend some quality with your dog can be very helpful. As anxiety results in a build up of stress and energy, taking a walk with your dog or playing fetch at the park can help relieve that. Also, giving them something to keep their mind occupied, like feeding toys and puzzles, will help them to relax. 


Play can help relieve stress in dogs 



Physical contact

Nothing beats a good cuddle and snuggle session to soothe your furry companion. A nice scratch behind the ears and good belly rubs is all they need to release some tension. Be sure to keep an eye on them to pick up any anxious behaviours early, so you can be there to comfort them in those moments. 


A dog tent helps create their own space. 


Make a cosy and comfy space for them 

We are not always going to be around our pets 24/7. So ensuring that there is a safe space at home where they can find comfort when you are not there is important. Starting off with a nice comfy, fluffy bed or mat for them to lie on, as well as their own special blanket for comfort. It’s a good idea to practice rewarding relaxed behaviours in these safe spaces so your dog will know that they are places to relax.  


Look through Charlie’s range of dog calming beds to find the perfect bed to help calm down your pup. 


Remember, patience is the key to helping your dog overcome their anxiety. Their anxious behaviours will not go away overnight from just these tips, but they could be good starting point. It takes time and commitment to work with your dog to live life to the fullest, so start with a consult with your to help your floof become their best self. 

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