How to keep your dog cool in summer

How to keep your dog cool in summer

As the Spring season warms up and the summer heat draws near, what better way to embrace the sunshine than spending time with your puppers! But with the warmer weather comes more precautions to your dog's health. Here are some tips that’s good to keep in mind to help cool down your dog. 



Make sure there is shade 

Being in the sun can really overheat your body, so imagine how your pooch would feel with their furry coat on. Making sure there are spaces where there’s shade for you and your dog to cool off is important, especially if you are there for a long period of time. If it’s a family outing, why not consider getting your dog a Trampoline Hammock tent. This pet bed is elevated off the ground and has its own canopy to fend off the sun. Its foldable design makes it easy to set up, making it perfect to take anywhere!  


Hydrate your pet on the go


Plenty of water 

Just like us, having plenty of water on a hot day is key to staying cool and hydrated. Ensure that your dog’s water station is always filled with fresh cold water for them to access whenever they need to. If you’re out and about exploring the outdoors, make sure to bring a bottle or portable water dispenser for your doggos in case they need a drink during your time outside. 


Have a look at our range of water bowls and bottle dispensers here!. 


Plan your walks 

We all know how much our pups love to go for their walks. But we all know how hot the midday sun could get during these times. This can especially heat up walkways and paths, making it very uncomfortable for your dogs to walk on. So, plan your walks either early mornings or evenings where it'll be cooler and pleasant for you and your furry best friend. 


A portable pool is the coolest way to refresh your doggo


Fun in the sun, and water! 

Incorporating water activities when playing with your dog is a great way to keep you and your pup cool while having fun! Get creative with your own garden hose, and watch your dog brighten up with just a stream of water. Or even better, treat them with their own pet pool to splash around in, cause they deserve it. 


Charlie’s dog beds filled with gel is designed to help cool your dog.


Get a cooling bed 

Keeping your dog cool while they rest is just as important as when they are active. A cooling or chilling bed is perfect for both indoor and outside use, helping them cool down and rest during these hot times. An elevated hammock bed is great as well, allowing your pets to rest off the hot surface of the ground. Why not even combine the two to optimise your dog’s chill time. 


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These tips are a great way to be proactive in beating the upcoming heat. It helps to be observant of your dog’s behaviour during these times to ensure a fun and safe environment for your dogs. 

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